Pray for Japan 2011 (Now in Spain)

abril 03, 2011

Yuki and Yuhei are now in Spain!
Visit the web project:
PRAY FOR JAPAN a photo documentary
PRAY FOR JAPAN 2011 is a real-life photo documentary project initiated by two creatives
currently living in Berlin, Germany. Itʼs been launched after the tragic earthquake and
tsunami events in Japan that occurred on March 11th, 2011. Being half a world apart from
family and friends, there isnʼt much that we can do except pray.
Now, those prayers will be made into reality in the shape of photography and design.
PRAY FOR JAPAN 2011 consists of individuals wearing a t-shirt with the phrase "PRAY FOR
JAPAN" imprinted in the front. The purpose is to immortalize the emotional aspect of the
individual who has Japan in their thoughts and prayers.
• To keep hope and send our warmest regards to Japan.
• To let Japan know that theyʼre not alone and that the world is here to support them.
• Travel across Europe and take portraits of 311 individuals (although not limited to that
• Take portraits of real people as well as popular Japanese figures residing in Europe.
• Project length: March 22 - April 22

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